Primo Tempo

Musical and danced poem
Family audience from 4 years old
Created in 2012
Like nomads migrating to the rhythm of the seasons, three “hunter-gatherers of sounds” go meet new landscapes, imaginary worlds. Inspired by traditional peoples, they take their habitat with them, build their shelter for a night, and then leave for new lands. These playful travelers express themselves by singing and dancing, inventing vocal identities with ancestral sounds. Rhythm, space in transformation, movement… Three performers use voice, body and percussion to propose a musical path evoking different states of nature, time going by, or how nature transforms itself according to the passing of time.
Islands of nature composed of bamboo structures, calabashes, fabrics, evoke a desert nature in a refined aesthetic.
Inspired by the traditional nomadic cultures of Mongolia, Amazonia or Australia, musical instruments with strange shapes – mouth organs from Laos, aboriginal horns, bamboo phones, diverted objects – become scenic objects evoking plants or insects from another world, while offering multiple possibilities of musical and physical games.
“A little jewel. A very subtle proposal… An extraordinary magic.”

France Culture – To the Moon and Back

Conception and artistic direction : Florence Goguel
Collective creation
With : Gonzalo Campo, Bérengère Altieri-Leca et Florence Goguel
External help : Martha Rodezno
Musical advisory, composition : Frédéric Obry
Costumes, accessories, textile : Marlène Rocher
Hair : Maria Adelia
Light and stage structure : Paco Galan
Sound : Frank Jamond, Jean-Luc Mallet
Theatrical form
Age : Family audience from 4 years old
Running time : 50 minutes
1 to 2 performances per day
Audience  : 300 people

Stage : L.9 m x D. 7 m
Get-in time : 3 services
Staff : 5 people on tour

Primo Tempo... open air

The company also proposes a nomadic journey intended for outdoor spaces. This performance takes place outdoors in parks and other natural places and is invented according to the place and the public.

“…An impression of elsewhere to offer to the youngest.”

 TTT – Télérama

Production Compagnie du Porte-Voix
Supports The Compagnie du Porte-Voix is supported by the DRAC Ile-de-France – Ministère de la Culture, Departmental councils of Seine Saint Denis, (95), ADAMI, SPEDIDAM, Epinay sur Seine, Simenon Theatre in Rosny sous Bois (93), Cultural Place Lucien Jean in Marly-la-Ville, Culturel Centre Jacques Tati in Amiens, and the City of Gennevilliers.