or the Stars Sowers


“In the beginning there is the body.
The musical body, the danced body, the sensitive and poetic body…
At the heart of the body is the voice. And at the heart of the voice is the air, which beats in time…


The company is participating (virtually) in the ASSITEJ World Congress from 22 to 31 March 2021
The next Congress was scheduled to take place in Japan in 2020 and our show Boucle d’O (Odyssey) was to be performed there. The pandemic made it impossible and it was postponed to March 2021, but the pandemic again got in the way. The ASSITEJ is therefore innovating with a Congress and a virtual festival. From 22 to 31 March, performances, artistic meetings and conferences will be offered.

To find out more, listen to the interview with Florence Goguel in Voices of the festival, that introduces her workshop « Paths of creation. Improvisation and young audiences » on Sunday 28th at 8 GMT:


Discover also the video presentation of the Salon France proposed by Scènes d’Enfance-ASSITEJ France with Le Porte-Voix and three other companies:

Musical theater in movement, image concerts or landscape theater …
The Porte-Voix creates theatrical forms that question our relationship to the world and nature, mixing voices, transforming spaces, rhythms and moving bodies, in a sensory and poetic language.
The projects are declined in several complementary and technically autonomous forms, allowing the artists to go as close as possible to the audience, in theaters, early childhood sites, media libraries, museums, parks, unusual or bucolic places…
These shows are inspired by early childhood, and offer young and old spectators imaginary and sensitive journeys.

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