Musical poem in motion

Pulse, breath, movement…
This new creation marvels at the surge of life that flows through us and transforms us. Two musician-singers come together, playing with their bodies and matter, caressing the air with their voices and veils, making the intangible perceptible. They create a soft, enveloping world in which light and sound vibrate.

Plunging into an aquatic world evocative of the first cells, they travel through the history of living things, passing through several stages of transformation at the frontier between plant, animal and mineral… In so doing, they question what makes us human and our close link to nature. This poetic fresco takes us on a winged ark into a soothing, sensory world, as close as possible to the state of presence of young children.

Anima’s visual universe is inspired by the mineral and marine landscapes of Reunion Island. The set, like a shell with an iridescent, colourful interior, is transformed by the subtle, delicate lighting… Nourished by the sounds of the world, the songs and instruments (Chinese transverse flute, Madagascan vahila, Central European chalumeau…) evoke the journey and the resonance of cultures beyond borders. Light, bodies and textiles intertwine to weave a sensitive tale of quivering colours.

Two light “in situ” forms accompany ANiMA: AMiNiMA in duo and ODELÀ in solo. They are performed without any special technical requirements in crèches, media libraries, heritage sites or private homes… From 3 months.

The ANiMA show and its various forms were inspired by the landscapes of Reunion Island during a residency in situ. Learn more.

“To put into words, gestures and images what animates living things? Make it sensitive to the eyes and ears of young children? Make it vibrate? This “moving musical poem” is an invitation to feel, to sense, to imagine. White sails fan out, quivering in the wind, while the two performers, creators of the show, move in unison with this natural breath, the breathing and the voice of the other. The instruments (flute, harp, drum, etc.), the materials (fabric, wood, etc.), the visual, aural and musical ambiences, as well as the vocal expression (songs and invented language) and gestures, create a sensory relationship with the world. Created from improvisations made in early childhood settings, this show evokes nature, its transformations and our essential link to living things”.

Françoise Sabatier-Morel, March 2020


Writing and performance Florian Allaire et Florence Goguel
Choreographic vision Martha Rodezno
Scenography textile Marlène Rocher
Costumes Marlène Rocher et Martha Romero
Lights Gilles Robert
Lutherie creation Jean-Luc Priano
Project design Florence Goguel

Autonomous theatrical form, creation 2020

Audiences crèches, nursery schools, all ages
Length 30 minutes
1 to 3 performances per day
Audience 60 to 80 people
Set L. 6 m x P. 5 m x H. 2,5 m
Lights The company can be completely autonomous, darkness required
Assembly 1 service
Staff 2 to 3 people on tour

Production Compagnie du Porte-Voix
Coproduction Compagnie A tous Vents (63), Théâtre du Beauvaisis – Scène Nationale (60)
Support The Compagnie du Porte-Voix is subsidised by the DRAC Ile-de-France – Ministère de la Culture. Conseil Régional d’Ile-de-France, Département du Val d’Oise (95), Département des Hauts-de-Seine (92), Ville de Nanterre (92), SPEDIDAM, Cie Acta – Dispositif Pépite / Pôle d’accompagnement à la création jeune public (95), L’Atalante – Mitry-Mory (77), Maison de la Culture de Nevers Agglomération (58), Le Théâtre du Champ Exquis, Pôle jeune public et familial – Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national : art, enfance, jeunesse – Blainville-sur-Orne (14), Saison jeune public Gennevilliers (92), Espace Pablo Picasso-Montigny-lès-Cormeilles (95), Fée Mazine (La Réunion), DAC de la Réunion dans le cadre du Plan Génération Belle Saison du Ministère de la Culture, CAF de La Réunion