Close to the audience, federating communities

The projects we develop with our audiences take many forms, in time and space… They play a fundamental role in the life of the company and help us to keep in touch with childhood, weaving essential links over time between the audience, the regions and the company.

“Change the angle and create the desire to work together.”

For each of its creations, the company sets up writing residencies in day nurseries or nursery and primary schools, enabling creative workshops, adult training and meetings with families.

The company’s artists are involved in training early childhood professionals, teachers and artists in movement, voice, music and artistic creation…

Cultural residency projects including both performances and workshops linked to the shows are carried out each season, enabling the company’s work to be more deeply rooted with different audiences: children, early childhood and leisure centre staff, teachers, parents, artists, etc.

Our workshops

Music, movement, voice, improvisation…

New ideas are developed for each project, feeding into the writing of a new creation, preparing or extending the discovery of the show, and accompanying encounters with the artists.

These workshops are aimed at a wide range of audiences, including young children, families, schools, colleges and specific groups (Ephad, people with disabilities, etc.).


Adult training

The company’s artists also work with a range of adult audiences:

  • Training for early childhood professionals, teachers, media librarians, etc. in movement, voice, music, artistic creation and the place of art.
  • University training for future dumists at the Paris-Saclay CFMI [Centre de Formation des Musiciens Intervenants]. Every year since 2006, the company has been involved in stage work and the creation of short musical theatre pieces for young children.
  • Artist training in creation for young children. Course created for artists from Reunion Island during the Rêves de Pierre tour in 2012 and in 2018 as part of ANiMA’s creative residency.

Local initiatives

Our tours mean we’re always on the move, like migratory birds. It’s essential for us to settle down, to put down roots, to anchor ourselves in a sustainable way in the territories where we can recharge our batteries and find meaning in our actions.

Shifting our gaze and putting the work back on the loom so that we can invent something new together. Meeting each other, nurturing each other, bringing in difference, strangeness, subtlety and nuance… Encouraging teams to question themselves, rethink practices and habits. Reaching out to new audiences, new territories, in the city or the countryside, in a crèche or on an island…

Sous la peau, la terre – Théâtre Dunois / Parc Floral de Paris

Three companies (Lunatic, AMK, Porte-Voix) are running workshops on sound, the body and the visual arts with early childhood centres in Paris and Fontenay sous Bois. The artists weave paths between these places and the natural spaces of the Parc Floral: workshops, performances, awareness-raising for adults, and a highlight around the Garden Festival (June 21).

“What if we were to observe the ground as a sensitive and reactive skin, containing the Earth within it?
What if our planet was just as sensory an organ as our backs, stomachs or the soles of our feet?
What if we took the time to live in the world, seeing it as an immense body that we all need to look after together?

“Peau de terre” workshop-performance at the Parc Floral Combining visual arts, movement and music. Inspired by the cave paintings in the Chauvet cave, this workshop combines art, landscape music and primitive dance…

“Imaginary landscapes” nursery workshop. Creating atmospheres that combine sound and movement, using breath, voice and instrumental gesture… From sunrise to the sun at its zenith, from dusk to night-time ambiences, a special day where the imagination carries us along with the wind.

With the support of DRAC-Ile-France (Premiers regards, premiers pas programme) and the City of Paris / As part of the Théâtre du Jardin planétaire project, bringing together 5 companies associated with the Théâtre Dunois around the Théâtre du Parc Floral, under the patronage of gardener-philosopher Gilles Clément.

Writing residency at the Théâtre du Champs Exquis

This nationally-funded ‘Art, childhood, youth’ stage in Normandy is supporting the creation of the ANiMA project and its solo form ODELÀ by offering the company the opportunity to go back and forth between experimentation in early childhood settings and experimentation on stage. This two-year partnership will involve an initial residency period based around ANiMA, hosting the show as part of the Ribambelles Festival, followed by two residency periods in autumn 2020 based around the solo form with on-site performances, including a course for professionals.

Hisse et Ho! course – Department of Seine Saint-Denis

Florence Goguel is running a writing residency on her solo ODELÀ at the Leclerc crèche in Drancy. Creative workshops conducted alone or as a duo feed into the writing of this play, which is destined to be performed in early childhood settings. The framework provided by this comprehensive scheme, set up jointly by the department’s culture and nursery services, allows for a two-way flow between workshops, performances and training sessions for professionals on the body, voice and artistic presence in nurseries.

CLEAJE of Haut Val d’Oise

In 2019, Le Porte-Voix has joined forces with the ACTA, Les Demains qui chantent and Lunatic companies to run an artistic and cultural awareness project in the Haut Val d’Oise as part of the first CLEAJE (Contrat Local d’Eveil Artistique du Jeune Enfant) in the village of Mours. It offers artistic pathways before children start school and then at the beginning of their nursery years, in order to better support them at this pivotal age, when they enter a new framework of norms and sensibilities. Awakening them to art and culture, and stimulating their creativity and imagination, is therefore an essential medium. The theme of the link with nature and the meeting of music and dance serve as common materials for the entire project.

This CLEAJE was initiated by the DRAC Île-de-France in partnership with the Communauté de Communes du Haut Val d’Oise and the Département du Val d’Oise, in collaboration with the Education Nationale and supported by the CAF du Val d’Oise.

Early childhood residency in Sevran

The city of Sevran (93) invited the company to take part in a year-long artistic programme, with the aim of raising awareness of the Porte-Voix’s artistic approach. Performances, workshops in crèches, RAMs and Classe Passerelle, training for professionals, parent-child workshops… this comprehensive residency will culminate in the programming of the ANiMA show at the Festival des Rêveurs éveillés in January 2021.

Creative residency on Reunion Island

The creation of ANiMA and its in situ duo form AMiNiMA were the subject of a creative residency in the island’s landscapes and nurseries, combining creative workshops, training for early childhood professionals and Réunionese artists, writing during a walk in the Mafat circus, and performances for families. This residency, organised with the Fée Mazine association, culminated in ANiMA/AMiNiMA/ODELÀ touring the Festival Z’étincelles and touring the Island in September 2022, once again providing an opportunity for professional encounters and workshops.

This project has benefited from the Génération Belle Saison scheme run by the French Ministry of Culture and assistance from the CAF.

Théâtre du Beauvaisis – Scène Nationale and its surrounding area

After several years with the Théâtre du Beauvaisis, Florence Goguel is pursuing a partnership that links creation, distribution and cultural action with the various audiences in Beauvais and the Beauvaisis region, with a particular focus on early childhood. The KOOM and OKA projects are continuing to raise awareness among local children.

In June 2023, we created “Plus haut que la tête” in partnership with l’Arche with a group of adults with physical and mental disabilities. This show is the culmination of work carried out over the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 seasons.

OKANINA residency at the Théâtre du Champ Exquis

The Porte Voix company was invited by the Théâtre du Champ Exquis, an arts, children and youth centre, to carry out a creative residency at the Campus 1 crèche at Caen University. This immersion work will feed into the creation of OKANINA, a show that invites us to reflect on our relationship with the living world, and which is part of a triptych of creation with KOOM and OKA.

The highlight of the project took place in July 2023, when we initiated music and visual arts workshops as part of our ongoing research into the creation of textile scenographic objects in felt for the Okanina show. It will be run in tandem with Florence Goguel and Marlène Rocher.

This residency will continue in autumn 2023 with the support of DRAC Normandie for the creation of two new versions of OKANINA.

Artistic journey around OKA and OKANINA with the Théâtre Dunois

Since 2019, the Porte-Voix company has been working alongside 4 other companies for young audiences at the Théâtre Dunois on the Scène pour un Jardin Planétaire project at the Théâtre du Parc (Parc Floral de Paris), under the patronage of gardener-philosopher Gilles Clément. This location in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes was an ideal place to draw inspiration and anchor the creation of the KOOM-OKA-OKANINA triptych.

As part of the run of OKA at the Théâtre du Parc in April 2023 and the creation of Okanina, the company has set up an artistic project with the Baobab crèche in Paris 18, in partnership with the Théâtre Dunois and with the support of the City of Paris (l’art pour grandir programme). The project ended in June 2023 with two performances of Okanina at the crèche.

OKANINA creation residency

In partnership with the Médiathèque Jacques Chirac in Troyes and the Médiathèque départementale de l’Aube

As part of the Month of the Very Young in 2023, the Médiathèque Jacques Chirac in Troyes and the Médiathèque Départementale de l’Aube have invited the Porte-Voix company to take up a residency to create Okanina in collaboration with the region’s early childhood establishments and media libraries. The project included training sessions for professionals, on-site creative workshops and a parent-child workshop. It will continue in March-April 24 with Okanina’s programme in the region’s media libraries. This project has received support from the Drac Grand Est.

OKANINA’s creative residency in Saint-Germain en Laye

In partnership with the town of Saint-Germain en Laye, the Compagnie du Porte-Voix is moving into a new territory in spring 2023 to continue creating Okanina. The artists went out to meet the public in a number of places: in the Bel-Air crèche for an in situ residency, then at the Micro-Folie for a week of work alternating between test sessions for the public in the morning, and rehearsal and writing time in the afternoon. The residency culminated in Okanina touring the city’s early childhood establishments in June 2023. With the support of the DRAC d’Ile-de-France as part of the “Premiers regards, Premiers pas” scheme.

Territorial residency for the creation of OKA and OKANINA

In partnership with the towns of Serris, Bailly-Romainvilliers and Magny-le-Hongre

During the 2022/2023 season, the Porte-Voix company led an artistic and cultural residency in three neighbouring towns in Seine-et-Marne, Serris, Bailly-Romainvilliers and Magny-le-Hongre, as part of the creation of OKA and then OKANINA. The company went out to meet professionals and children from the region’s crèches and RAMs. The first performances of OKA in Magny-le-Hongre in December 2022 and OKANINA in Serris in June 2023 were highlights of the project, which also included training and residency periods in the crèches of the three towns. The residency will continue with the town of Bailly-Romainvilliers in autumn 2023 around OKA’s programme at Ferme Corsange.

The creation of OKA and the early childhood residencies in the region that nurtured it were supported by the Département de Seine-et-Marne.