Projects forged around audiences are multiple forms, moving freely in time and space. They are crucial for the company, as they prevent it from losing sight of how childhood evolves. They help build invisible yet essential links between audiences, territories and the company.

“Change perspective and let the desire of working together emerge.

Around each of its creations, the company sets up writing residences in immersion in nurseries or elementary schools, leading to creative workshops, adult training and meetings with families.
The company’s artists are involved in the training of early childhood professionals, teachers, artists, around movement, voice, music, artistic creation…
Cultural territorial residence projects including both performances and performance-related workshops are carried out each season, and allow the company’s work to be more deeply rooted in different audiences: children, early childhood or leisure center staff, teachers, parents, artists…
Our workshops
Music, movement, voice, improvisation…
Proposals are invented around each project, they feed the writing of a new creation, prepare or extend the discovery of the show, and go along with the meeting with the artists.

These workshops are aimed at a variety of audiences, including young children, families, schools, and specific audiences (seniors, people with disabilities, etc…).

Adult education
The company’s artists also work with different adult audiences:

  • Training of early childhood professionals, teachers, media librarians… around movement, voice, music, artistic creation and the place of art.

  • University training of future music school teachers at the CFMI of Paris-Saclay [Training Center of Music Facilitators]. Since 2006, the company has been taking action each year around stage work and the creation of small forms of musical theater for young children.

  • Training for artists around the creation for young children. Several workshops for Reunionese artists (Reunion Island) since 2012.

Actions in the territories
Our tours keep us on the move, like migratory birds. It is essential for us to settle down, to anchor ourselves in a sustainable way on territories and build actions together with the audiences.
Shifting our gaze and putting the work back on the loom to invent ourselves again, together. Meeting each other, nourishing each other, bringing difference, strangeness, subtlety and nuance… Bringing teams to question each other, rethinking practices and habits. Going towards new audiences, new territories, in the city or in the countryside, in a nursery or on an island…